Dec 16 2018

Project and Portfolio Management – Align Projects with Corporate Strategy

Project Portfolio Management is not just about managing several projects. PPM is management of the project portfolio so as to maximize the contribution of projects to the overall welfare and success of the enterprise. For PPM to be effective, projects must:


  • Be aligned with the firm’s strategy and goals
  • Be consistent with the firm’s values and culture
  • Contribute (directly or indirectly) to a positive cash flow for the enterprise.
  • Effectively use the firm’s resources-both people and resources
  • Not only provide for current contributions to the firm’s health but must help to position the firm for future success.


Let’s talk about some ideas to help align projects with a firm’s strategy and goals.


Align Projects with a Firm’s Strategy and Goals


So how do you align projects with corporate strategies and goals? Michael Stanleigh suggests three things to help:


  • Undertake a review of all the projects that are currently under way within the organization as well as those completed over the past year.
  • Ask every department to list all of the projects that they are currently working on. What is the goal of each? What is the strategic alignment, if known?
  • Create an inventory of all projects in the organization, regardless of size or scope, that are currently on the go within all departments and within the whole organization.
  • Measure each of these projects. Are they are on time and on budget according to the original scope? Are they meeting customer requirements as defined? Or, are there no measurements in place?
  • Identify projects completed over the past year and measure their success rate. These lessons learned will help to identify project prioritization in the next step. For example, if many projects were unsuccessful because of a lack of resources then resources required to complete future projects should be considered a criteria for determining project viability. If a project requires many resources, they may rate low on this criteria. If you decide that it is a strategically important project, you will have to ensure that the right resources must be made available or the project might fail.


Develop a systematic approach to prioritizing all projects


  • Develop criteria against which to prioritize all projects. Include impact on corporate strategy and customers. This is best done with a subcommittee of senior management.
  • List all projects along with their goal, purpose and strategic alignment and the identified criteria necessary for determining the expected impact each project will have on the organization, its departments and its customers. This process will allow you to rank each project quantitatively and determine its level of priority.
  • Establish a committee of senior management to review and assess project prioritization on a monthly basis. This committee will provide final approval on all project implementation priorities.


Align projects to corporate and departmental strategic plans


  • Review the corporate and departmental strategic plans and if none exist meet with the senior executive team to gain an understanding of the key strategic priorities.
  • Examine all projects to determine their alignment with the corporate strategic goals. This strategic alignment will demonstrate how each project’s successful execution will support the corporate and/or departmental strategic plan.
  • Terminate projects that are of low priority or not somehow linked to corporate and/or departmental strategy. Their immediate termination will ensure they stop costing the organization money, resources, time and lost customers. Projects not linked to corporate or departmental strategy add no measurable value to the organization.


For more details you can consult with our experts at CL King and Associates.

CL King is Uncovering Hidden Investment Opportunities Since 1972. We provide investment banking, equity research, sales and trading, and investor services to corporations and institutions.

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Dec 12 2018

The Crucial Features of Corporate Banking

There has been a significant rise in the number of large businesses in the recent past. Multinational, Government and Private Companies are expanding their horizons and growing rapidly. They hire innumerable employees, to make sure that the finances of the organization are intact and that all transactions are carried off, in an orderly manner. However, almost all business practices will come to a screeching halt, without the involvement of Banks.


Over the years, banks have become increasingly aware of the large chunk of income they receive from the businesses. This is why, a number of banks have started offering corporate banking, which aims at offering basic banking facilities, as well as other services, tailor made for large-scale organizations.


Some of the features of Commercial Banking include:


International Transactions: Globalization has resulted in constant over-seas trading. This means that, different currencies are involved while making payments. In order to aid the transfer of money in a hassle free manner, banks provide foreign exchange transactions. They also protect the interests of their customers from currency fluctuations and help to ensure the best possible rate.


Financing of Projects: Businesses are constantly growing and expanding. They are always on the lookout for new sectors, where they can setup and increase profits. However, expanding and diversification involves huge investments. Banks provide these businesses with loans at reasonable rates of interest. The risk of the project is directly proportional to the rate of interest. A risky project will have a significantly higher rate of interest.


Insurance: Some private banks offer their clients insurance policies as well. Thus, both banking and insurance can be covered by one financial organization. This can be a great convenience to the corporate organizations.


Advisory Services: All financial transactions are carried out through the bank. This gives the bankers access to all the financial information of the company. Thus, they will be in a good position to lend advice. This includes input with regards to management of assets, taxation and consulting of mergers and acquisitions.


Brokerage Facilities: Banks offer a number of brokerage related services with regards to negotiating. This is especially useful in terms of mergers and acquisitions. They play a significant part to help companies get the best rate, in case they are looking to sell part of the business or acquire a new entity.


Shareholding: Banks help in the managing and maintaining of company shares. They are also allowed to purchase shares of the organization in order to increase its liquidity and thus, facilitate the business.


Asset Management: Banks can also help in the management of company assets. This includes setting up of accounts to store them and regular audits to make sure that they are undamaged.


These are just few of the services that the banking sector offers to corporate clients. These services help to make sure that business practices can be carried out conveniently.


CL King & Associates has a team of highly skilled and highly pro active personnel who are able to cater to all of the requirements of a corporate client, no matter how unique or difficult the requirement may be. CL King banking personnel proactively find ways in which to complete the request of the client as it could make a lot of difference to the functioning and growth of the client’s business which is anyways the main reason they need specialized corporate banking services.


If you want to learn more, consult with the experts at CL King. You can call at 518.447.8050

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Dec 04 2018

Corporate Service – The Multiple Corporation Strategy

When you decide to incorporate your first business the very next thing that you should do is to incorporate two to five more businesses even if you don’t have any plans on using them at this point.


There are several key reasons for this strategy and if you are serious about building a business and possible corporate credit you should follow these steps suggested by our experts at CL King and Associates.


  • Once you have your first business incorporated and you’re working that business and growing that business, you may find that in time for one reason or another that you may need to shift some of your assets around for protection or simply to go after new business opportunities that may present themselves to you that won’t work with your current business structure.
  • After you have established your first corporation and have built its credit worthiness, you will find it is easier to build credit for your other corporations by simply sharing that credit with your other corporation though a process known as daisy chaining. This is a super way of building the credit multiple corporations from all of the hard work that you have already done.
  • Having multiple corporations set up allows you to create your own set of shelf corporations. These are corporations that are just based on their age alone which will allow you to get any business up and running in a fraction of the time it would normally take. These shelf corporations will add real tangible value to your bottom line in many ways. Such as if your ever chose to sell one, the going rate is approximately $1,000 per year of age, and if it has any established corporate credit attached to it the value can triple or even quadruple.
  • Statistics say that most businesses fail in 1 to 5 years of their inception, so if this is true, by simply having multiple corporations in the wings ready to go, this fact will no longer mean anything to your. Simply because you planned ahead and quietly and strategically created back businesses with unsecured corporate credit financing already established.
  • These four simple steps will see you through almost any business ups and downs if you apply them correctly and get started today. Right now implementing them, you will find that in less than a few months you will not only have your first corporation set up, but you could have already established thousands of dollars in unsecured lines of corporate credit.


For more details you can consult with us at CL King and Associates.

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Oct 17 2018

Business Finance and Corporate Value by CL King and Associates

The primary goal of business finance is to maximize corporate value while also reducing a firm’s financial risk. Whether you are starting a business, expanding it or investing in it to keep it competitive you are going to need finance help at some stage of your business venture. Funding is one of the main keys to success in business and without the correct form and the right amount your venture is most likely to fail.


You may need to cover day-to-day expenses or you might need to cover the cost of new equipment. There are a lot of aspects within your company that will cost and that will need to be covered by funding; the rent or mortgage on your premises, all of the equipment that you will need to get your business going, all of your bills for the first few months and all of your staff wages. The finance that you gain will be used to pretty much run your company for the first few months of it being in existence, which is why it is so important that you get the right amount of finance to ensure you can run your venture.


When you are looking and seeking out your funding there are many avenues that are open to you such as the following:




Credit cards

Family and friends

Government grants

Business angels

Venture capitalists


When you are choosing and applying for your finance it is important that you keep the people who matter in the know and that you ensure you recognise the needs of people involved in your business, for example banks and the Inland Revenue, if you keep people informed they are more likely to be sympathetic to your needs. You should also aim to raise more cash than you need that way you can rest assure that all of your business expenses will be taken care of as the last thing you want to be doing is going back to your money lender and asking for more money.


If you are about to approach an avenue for capital, stop! Do you have your business plan? Your plan is a written statement of intent, it details everything that you want from your business and how you intend on achieving it. One of the sections within your plan will detail your financial forecast. It will describe all of your financial outgoings and how you intend on funding your business, which will include how much capital you are hoping to gain from which ever financial avenue you approach. Your business plan will demonstrate what you require your finance for. It will show why you need the amount that you do and how you intend to spend it. If your finance is coming from aspects such as a bank loan, which will need to be paid back, your business plan will describe how it will be repaid.


To learn more, consult with the experts at CL King and Associates. CL King provides investment banking, equity research, sales and trading, and investor services to corporations and institutions. CL King’s Corporate Services unit offers specialized services and objective advice to help corporate clients achieve flawless execution directly in the capital markets. You can call at 518.447.8050


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Oct 14 2018

Investment Opportunities in The Forex Market

If you are an investor, there are a lot of opportunities for you out there. The foreign exchange market is one of the most lucrative investment opportunities that you can avail. It is also known as FX or Forex. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the biggest financial markets where $4 trillion of value is traded on a daily basis.


Actually, this market is robust and consists of retail investors, investment firms, hedge funds, banks, commercial companies, and central banks. This market lets anyone buy, sell and make speculations on different foreign currencies. Read on to know more.





You can invest in this business in many ways. However, before you go ahead, our experts at CL King suggest that you explore and look for the best investment opportunities based on our targets and investment profile.


As you may know, one way of doing this business is to take part in the 24-hour cash. In this case, you can trade currency pairs, such as euro and UD dollars. Since currencies are involved in pairs, your job is to make a bet that a certain currency will rise in value in comparison to the other in a pair. In this case, you will buy and sell pairs based on the current price or exchange rate.


Another good option is to deal in FX future where traders make their decision of buying and selling future contracts on the basis of a standard settlement date and size. Just to let you that the biggest FX future market is CME Group, which is based in the US. Therefore, if you are interested in G10 currency pairs, we suggest that you investment in CME Group. Moreover, you also have the option of e-micro products.


Foreign currency options also give you a lot of investment opportunities. Actually, this is similar to the FX future contracts, but provides you with the right to buy or sell a non-variable amount of currency on or before a certain date.


CDs, ETNs, and ETFs


In the Forext market, you can find a lot of investment opportunities, such as CDs, ETNs, and ETFs. It’s important to keep in mind that some ETFS are responsible of managing currency pairs. On the other hand, others deal in a single currency.


As far as CDs are concerned, they are not different from the options that a local bank may offer. The only difference is that it will be either in baskets of currencies or a single currency. With this option, as you an investor, you can earn a lot of foreign interest. And with this, you can easily spread your risk.


Just like with any type of investment, Forex trading involves some risk. Therefore, if you are going to invest in this market, make sure you have done your homework. Aside from this, you may want to keep an eye on the global events.


Long story short, this was a brief introduction to the Forext market as a great investment opportunity. Hope you will find this article helpful.


CL King & Associates is Uncovering Hidden Investment Opportunities Since 1972. The company provides investment banking, equity research, sales and trading, and investor services to corporations and institutions. Call us 518.447.8050 today and let us explore some best investment deals for you!

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Oct 09 2018

CL King Corporate Finance Consulting – Trendy Assistant to Financing

Finance is now part of most common and trivial activities of routine life. Be it marketing, selling any wares, assistance to any person in any form, finance forms the core element. Finance having widespread branches is not merely confined to regular chores of life. In tune of this discussion, comes the concept of Corporate Finance. Corporate Finance, as the name suggests, deals with the sources of funding for big corporate houses and multi-national companies. It is nothing but the steps taken by managers to make the body corporate more viable and lucrative to share-holders and the tools and scrutiny deployed for allocation of financial resources.


As Corporate Finance is big in itself, there are a number of streams of work associated with it. Such activities come under the purview of Corporate Finance Service. Corporate Finance Services includes a wide range of assistance like managing money, which includes banks, credit-card companies, insurance companies, accountancy firms, investment management companies, stock broking firms -to name a few. Many of them provide a series of services under one umbrella.


Corporate Finance is quite complicated, specially to an organization or a person just being a fresher and thus comes the idea of Corporate Financial Advisory. The basic ideology behind this is the variety of advisory services that are offered to the MNCs and conglomerates about the financial aspects of operations. Such services may either be provided by Boards of the companies constituted particularly to give shape to this idea or by bodies of professionals, being experts. Moreover, among the numerous finance service, which one is the best suited for a particular company is best judged by Corporate Financial Advisory.


The foundation on which the work of a Corporate Financial Adviser is based on is facilitating mergers and acquisitions, joint venture, disposals, apart from others. They are often found in consortium with large investment banks or corporate advisory firms.


It may be pertinent to mention here that strategies that are adopted for a specific company is totally different from that of another.. Strategies are the clever techniques that are adopted to tide over war-like situations. These strategies are being designed by Corporate Finance Consulting mechanism. The work is basically the linking of capital markets ideologies, corporate strategies and financial strategies to help executives and their teams for value-addition purposes.


CL King & Associates is a boutique consultancy company offering clear, simple, effective and tailor-made financial services and solutions to its clientele. Among the plethora of services that CL King offers, Business Recovery, Valuations, Funding, Corporate Finance Services, Transaction and Advisory comes under the endeavor of Financial Consultancy.

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Oct 01 2018

AAA Corporate Bonds – Top Places to Find Them

As you’re preparing to make a large investment into corporate bonds, you need to consider the risk factors. Unless you are prepared to lose everything in a leap of faith to pursue a very high yield rate, you are likely looking for something of a long-term investment. This means you need to understand where the top AAA corporate bonds are.


All corporate bonds are rated. The ratings range from AAA to C, which has to do with the financial strength of the issuing company. is the most secure and thus the lowest risk bond. What this means for you is that when you invest in such a bond, you are likely going to see the promised yield without any kinds of problems along the way. If you invest in anything less secure, you are taking a risk.


There are many places that you can find AAA corporate bonds. Some of the top companies in the world don’t have this kind of rating, so you cannot make any kinds of assumptions. The companies that are rated as such can also fluctuate due to annual reports, mergers and acquisitions. Keeping an eye on who has what ratings are then essential to your investment portfolio.


Moody’s is one of the best ways to learn about who has the AAA rating in the world of corporate bonds. This is a performance index provided by Moody’s Investment Firm. This company has been used for decades to provide a very macroeconomic look into various companies and insurance firms to show the financial stability of a company. This report is often used as a closer look of interest rates as opposed to the 10-year Treasury Bill as well.


You want to work with a financial adviser to get a prospectus on AAA corporate bonds. Your adviser will analyse the market on your behalf and give you a recommendation of corporate bonds based upon the amount of money you have to invest. Since not all bonds are traded at the same value, the amount that you have to invest will greatly impact the number of AAA corporate bonds that you will be able to purchase.


Throughout the internet, you will be able to locate corporate bonds that are rated AAA. When you take the time to follow various financial blogs, you can access free financial advice, often where people are talking about which bonds are AAA, AA and even A. While you may not be able to afford the few companies that have the AAA rating, you may be able to go with something slightly more risky without worrying about losing your investment.


Business Week, Forbes and other financial publications can be advantageous to read through. If one company is currently building financial stability, they may be rated an AA in one quarter and an AAA in the next. As a result, getting in on the bonds early can prove to be very beneficial to your investment portfolio.


Start with talking to your financial adviser about corporate bonds and go from there.


Risk is always there, but you can eliminate a lot of it when you take the time to learn about your investment options and seek out an adviser that can assist you.


If you have any query regarding this then consult with the experts at CL King and Associates. CL King has acted as Co-Manager for bond offering for many reputed companies such as Walmart, Charter Communications, Southern California Edison and many more.

If you want to learn more, please visit here:

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Sep 27 2018

Corporate Banking – Essential Requirement Of Large Corporations

The success of large corporations depends on a variety of factors. Generally proper planning, foresight, human resources and research are amongst the top most factors contributing to the sustained growth of a company. But in the current scenario with cut throat competition, changing or evolving technology, changes in requirements and needs of people or changes in business practices means for corporations to survive and maintain their position, they need much more than just planning and execution.


Corporate banking is one such factor which goes a long way in helping the growth of a large corporation. It provides the comprehensive and sophisticated services that a large company requires in today’s business world.


Given the huge demand for a proper accountable banking service by these large corporations, most top banks of the world have a separate dedicated operation which caters to the needs of companies that are quite different in requirements and scale as compared to an average small to medium enterprise.


Corporate banking requires a huge knowledge base and experience to service all requirements of commerce and industry. It includes a huge selection of commercial and transactional products and services. Some of the typical products and services include corporate funding or financing, bank guarantees, syndication services, foreign exchange services, investments, stocks, derivatives, comprehensive internet banking facilities etc.


Corporate lending, trade financing and commodity financing are also some important aspect of corporate banking:


Corporate lending: Big varieties of credit products are offered which includes revolving credit lines, term loans, and standby letters of credit and forex facilities. This sector also deals in arranging working capital lines, long term debt, acquisition finance, bridge financing and some other syndicated services.


Trade financing: this sector of banking provides very powerful trade services for the efficient movement of goods. This includes automated letter of credit system and documentary collection services.


Commodity financing: this banking sector is considered “the boss” of the industry when it comes to financing trade flows for some agricultural products such as grain, cotton, coffee, sugar, cocoa and a variety of other commodities. Short term and midterm credit facility is also available on going exchange related requirements.


From the corporate banks point of view, it is very essential to form teams to handle requirement of individual companies as personalized services are the pre requisite for handling such operations. Also it goes well beyond simply providing banking products and services to corporations. It involves lot of consulting and one on one interaction as well. Consulting services could be required on a range of issues like mergers and acquisitions, foreign trade, company liquidity etc.


CL King & Associates has a team of highly skilled and highly pro active personnel who are able to cater to all of the requirements of a corporate client, no matter how unique or difficult the requirement may be. CL King banking personnel proactively find ways in which to complete the request of the client as it could make a lot of difference to the functioning and growth of the client’s business which is anyways the main reason they need specialized corporate banking services.

If you want to learn more, consult with the experts at CL King and Associates. You can call at 518.447.8050

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Sep 09 2018

Corporate and Investment Banking

Banks have always helped people in the majority of their transactions. These banks were among the first financial institutions ever created by man. These banks protect and multiply the clients’ money while ensuring that they will not get bankrupt in the process. A bank’s general responsibility is to act as the middle agent for the client and its transactions with other commercial entities. However, due to the huge scope of banking in the daily transactions in the financial market, it became necessary to differentiate them according to the activities that they are involved in.


Two of the most specific types of banking are the corporate and investment banking. Corporate banking is involved in the various transactions of small to large corporations and business ventures; the focus is on the corporate accounts. On the other hand, investment banking is involved in the investment transactions of various financial entities including corporations and governments; the focus is on the aspect of the investments. Let us differentiate corporate and investment banking.


Investment banks offer to help clients with different transactions based on bonds and securities. The clients are provided with advice on the proper acquisition of properties and assets. The clients also purchase from the banks the bonds and securities that would constitute these investments and would later provide them with profit without them working to use the investment. With the discretion of these investment banks, the client’s investment will then be used in the market as another investment, which will provide the client’s dividend at the periods specified. The investment banks do not only guard these assets but also take the risks for the client. These banks have the biggest loss if the investments fail. These investment banks usually offer advice to various clients who operate on a small or large scale. They can cater to the needs of small business ventures, but they can also be adept in helping large companies.


A corporation is a legal entity that is usually involved in business and financing. Corporations have shareholders who are co-owners of the company. These shareholders invested a certain increment of money to own the corporation. If a corporation succeeds, then its shareholders also succeed. But if the corporation fails, then all the shareholders-small or big time-will lose the money they had invested. Therefore, decisions made by the corporation as a whole necessitate a mediator who is adept in the ways of the financial market. This is where corporate banks come in. Corporate banking deals with the financial decision-making of corporations. The corporate banks are the ones who provide their clients-in this case, the corporations-with tools and analyses used for making correct decisions. The main goal would be to maximize the earnings and security of the corporation while minimizing the possibility of financial risks. The more stable and correct the decisions of the corporate banks would be, the better the corporation would fare.


Banks encompass all aspects of finances. Both corporate and investment banking still aim to protect the clients and their investments and still manage to ensure that the clients and banks both profit gainfully.


CL King & Associates is a full-service investment bank and provides equity research, sales and trading, and investor services to corporations and institutions. The focus is on debt and equity capital markets remain the core of our robust platform supported by a well-respected research, sales, trading and clearing operation.


To learn more about the services of CL King you can contact at 518.447.8050

To find more details, please visit here:

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Sep 06 2018

Business Finance Consulting and Planning Tools by CL King

Various strategies for cost control will be helpful for most small businesses trying to cope with reduced sales volume. Business planning and consulting are likely to be among the most effective alternatives to help small business owners deal with recent distressed financial conditions.


The need for new business planning tools is rarely a high priority for a company that is not experiencing one or more substantial problems. However even for the healthiest business, contingency plans are advisable. The value of contingency planning for business financing is sharply illustrated by recent examples of banks suddenly eliminating commercial loan programs with little or no advance notice. The level of chaos that currently prevails throughout commercial banking unfortunately means that changes can continue to occur with little warning.


Business consulting will often not be thoroughly considered by small businesses because of the potential cost. As with any other corporate service, costs cannot be ignored. This is particularly true in the current economic environment because very few businesses have substantial discretionary funds to cover new business expenses. Nevertheless it will sometimes be necessary to spend some money in order to either make money or reduce costs.


The growing need for business consulting and management tools is supported by the disturbing number of changes which have occurred throughout the business world recently. To adequately address many of the complicated changes impacting small business loans and working capital financing, most business owners will not have enough technical skills or information. Many banks have imposed significant fee increases for their commercial finance services, and finding effective (and less costly) alternative business funding services will prove difficult for even the most skilled borrower. While there are some viable businesses finance options to replace traditional bank financing, these alternatives can seem confusing simply because they are new and different approaches.


Whenever there are complex problems, there are rarely simple solutions. The current difficulties for small business owners are a growing challenge. Similar circumstances have not been seen during the past fifty or more years for most businesses. As a result, even a highly experienced business owner is likely to be missing enough direct experience to make it through the maze of current changes and problems without at least some outside help.


It is likely that the most effective (and realistic) business planning tools will actually be a combination of several approaches undertaken with a coordinated effort. As noted above, complicated problems will usually require complex solutions. This will often translate to a series of business management and planning maneuvers that can take a number of months or even several years to complete. Our experts at CL King suggest to small business owners to avoid any business consulting expert that portrays the problem-solving process as quick and easy.


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