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Aug 27 2018

Importance of Fundamental Analysis as Part of Stock Valuation

Do you invest regularly in the stock markets? Or are you someone who plans to start investing soon, but, doesn’t know the method to identify the right stocks to invest in?


In any case, the key to success in stock market investing is buying or selling a stock at the right price levels. The same stock may prove to be profitable for someone doing it the right way, and may turn into a loss-making investment for others. It is important to have stock valuation done – either by someone (who is an expert) or try doing the same yourself.


Fundamental analysis of stocks is a vital stock valuation technique that can help you identify the direction in which a stock price is likely to move in future. For a fundamental stock evaluator, every stock moves towards its intrinsic / real value. If this intrinsic value of a stock is below its market price, it indicates that you can buy the same for higher price levels. On the other hand, if the real value of a stock is above its current market price, it is indicating a sell action on the stock.


But, how does one come to know about the intrinsic / real value of any company stock? It is here that the fundamental analysis of a company and the stock helps you. This involves analysis of the existing and future health of the overall economy, followed by an extensive research about the company’s financial reports, management performance, growth potential, annual and quarterly performance history against its peers in the same sector, and so on.


Now, you may wonder how you can have so much of time to conduct such fundamental analysis. It is for this reason that you can rely on a team of professionals equity research analysts, like the one CL King & Associates. Equipped with such analytical capabilities, CL King is able to offer investment management services, inclusive of equity investment, portfolio management, etc. Call at 518.447.8647 or visit here:

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Apr 18 2018

Best Stock Market Investment: How to Choose Investments That Pay Off?

Some financial experts say that engaging into a more lucrative but challenging world like investments are not specially made for the faint hearted.


With the economy seemingly riding on a roller-coaster ride, investing with the right stock seems to be next to impossible. However, with the advent of information technology, people from all over the world go crazy over stock market investments. It is because the convenience of information technology had found its place in the world of investments and computing.


Today, stock market investments are selling like hotcakes. It seems that it has always been the focal point of every investor to get a stock no matter what.


So, for those who would want to get the best stock market investment they should look into the following point underlined by our experts at C.L. King:


1) The stock market is risky business


Generally, most people believe that buying stocks are as easy as 1-2-3. Of course, it can and in fact anybody is capable of doing it. But the problem lies on the fact that few people only know when to sell. And that is, in its greatest sense, the heart of stock market.


So, the best advice for people to get the best stock market investment, it is best not to gamble everything that they have on it, especially if they don’t have a good understanding of how it works. It’s better to loose a little than loose really, really big.


2) The “trailing stop strategy.”


Most experts incorporate this when getting stocks. What they usually do is to “ride” their stocks really high, and maintain an exit strategy in the event that things get out of hand. This is where the liquidity of their investment is extremely vital to one’s business. That is, they should know that whatever liquidity they have can be easily converted into cash.


3) Invest only in what you are comfortable with.


Even if particular investment opportunity, say, an exciting IPO of a big company, looks very attractive, it is a must for every investors not to invest on it if they are not prepared to risk losing their money on it. In this way, people will be able to get the best stock market investment by following this very important advice.


Finally, most stock experts recommend today that people who want to get the best stock market investment should use the everyday costs in the stock market investment strategy. It would be better if investors would always carry a handy calculator with them.


The most important thing about stock market investment is not so much to pick the best but to avoid the losers.


For more information consult with the experts at CL King

C.L. King has worked as a Co-Manager for Bond Offering, Subordinated Notes Offering, Notes Offering and many more for the reputed firms such as Citigroup, Walmart, AT&T’s etc. We transact directly in the capital markets on behalf of corporations through our Corporate Services business focused on share repurchase and continuous share offerings (“ATMs”).

To find more details, please visit here:

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Apr 16 2018

Should The Stock Investor Subscribe to a Business Publication?

In the world of stock investing, the more you know, the better you are. Most investors subscribe to at least one business journal and others subscribe to investor newsletters. The costs of subscriptions are reasonable compared to other specialized reading services. Many of the news journals also contain daily news stories and expert commentary. Most of the business news services and advisory newsletters are accessible on the Internet or in paper format.


Journals and Magazines:


The Wall Street Journal has been a familiar source of reliable stock market information for decades. It is owned by the Dow Jones family of business related publication. Dow Jones appears to headed for an acquisition by News Corporation with extensive a multimedia entertainment holdings. The proposed merger should go through in the fourth quarter of 2007.


The Wall Street Journal has excellent stock market information. The format is easy to read and it is organized well for quick reference or for enjoyable reading about the stock market. The writers are exceptional with experience in the business world. There is a section to watch your own portfolio and to research company history and financial information that is easy to locate. It is a value at $79 for 54 weeks of reading either in paper or on-line. A subscriber can get both the on-line and paper version for a total of $99 for 52 weeks and some free weeks.


Barron’s is another publication that is owned by Dow Jones & Company. This publication is sold as a separate subscription. It is a weekly magazine format that is foremost in quality research and in depth reporting about the U.S. Market and around the world. Barron’s can be purchased on-line and in paper format.


Investor’s Business Daily has similar content to the Wall Street Journal. It has a remarkably good analysis of daily stocks and a good on-line educational tutorial. The publication may be read on-line or on a paper format. The publication is $295 per year for the paper version or $235 for the on-line version.




There are numerous financial newsletters available on-line and in paper format. The Morningstar Stock Reporter is a monthly publication that has great research on stocks. The information is easy to digest and the format is easy to read. The subscription is about $89 per year.


The Street dot com stock advisory is unique. It is produced by Jim Cramer who has decades of experience in investing in the ups, downs and in between times on the stock market. He has a charitable trust that he keeps tabs on and invests. Due to a variety of reasons he is not an active trader of hedge funds or other investments.


He is a financial whiz in the market who appears on TV and writes books. His famous book Mad Money is now a half-hour TV show. He answers questions posed by telephone callers to the show. He also provides stock analysis.


The Jim Cramer Street dot com stock analysis subscription allows the investor to trade along side with him. He sends out advisories on stocks by e-mail. He also allows the investor to see his portfolio. In addition for every subscription sold he sends the subscriber a free copy of his book. This advisory service is worth a free trial run and then decide if it is worth the cost of the subscription. Jim Cramer has made himself and a whole lot of people very rich.


For more information you can have the help of experts at C.L. King & Associates.

CL King’s Equities division provides superior fundamental research, sales and execution services institutional clientele. Our professionals embody an entrepreneurial drive for excellence as well as a commitment to work with our clients to help them achieve and exceed their investment objectives. We put our customers first as we respond to their needs for integrity, independent thinking, in-depth stock analysis and best execution.

Call us at 518.447.8050 to learn more about our services!!

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Apr 03 2018

Making Your Money Grow In The Stock Market

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One way of making your money grow is investing in the stock market. Stocks are how companies grow without securing bank loans. The investor buys the company stock (shares) and receives interest in the form of stock dividends. Share holders can affect the operation of a company. Each year, there is a share holders meeting and different issues are presented for the share holders to vote on. The greater the number of shares that an investor has, the greater the number of votes the stock holder can exercise.


There are several categories of stocks. Income stocks provide revenue to the stock holders in the form of dividends. Growth stocks are shares sold by companies that reinvest their profits to increase the size of the company. You can invest in stocks online, through stock market investors or directly, as in the case of Coca Cola and a number of other companies. Some companies provide their employees with stock options allowing them to purchase stocks at a given price for a particular period of time. There is also Over the Counter Stocks. These are not listed on any exchange and are sold by smaller, riskier companies that do not meet the requirements of the exchanges.


There are a number of reasons why stocks rise and fall in value. If a company is doing well, the value of a stock will increase. Conversely, if a company is not doing well, its stock prices may fall. Other factors affect the market value of shares. The price of crude oil will affect the market value. Disasters or wars will force prices downward. The introduction of new federal regulations for an industry will have an impact, depending on how the legislation affects production. Changes in company management also have an effect on stock prices.


Stock brokers buy and sell stocks on behalf of investors. They also provide information to their clients regarding the best times to buy and sell based on the market value of the stocks and whether they are rising or falling in value. Today anyone can be a stock broker thanks to the internet. Investment companies permit their clients to use their services to research a stock or give advice on buying and selling. The investor is then able to purchase or sell stocks online at a cost of so much per “trade.”


Everyday the stock averages are compiled and made public. The Dow Jones Industrial Average provides details on 30 large industrial stocks, including General Motors, Goodyear, IBM and Exxon. The Standard and Poor 500 Index provides averages for 500 large companies. There are three major stock exchanges in the United States. These include NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations), Amex (American Stock Exchange) and the New York Stock Exchange.


The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) protect investors; maintains fair, orderly, and efficient markets; and facilitates capital formation. It mandates that companies provide financial information to individuals before they buy stock and to continue providing relevant financial information as long as the investor holds the stock. The SEC also oversees securities exchanges, securities brokers and dealers, investment advisors and mutual funds. The SEC has an obligation to enforce the nation’s securities laws. Each year hundreds of actions are taken against individuals and companies for insider trading, accounting fraud, and providing false or misleading information about securities and the companies that issue them.


The SEC works closely with Congress, other federal departments and agencies, the stock exchanges, state securities regulators, and various private sector organizations.


Consult with the experts at CL King & Associates to get the advice on investment banking, equity research, sales and trading, and investor services to corporations and institutions.

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Dec 29 2017

Stock Market Research – Easy Ways to Find Solid Stocks

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These days, many people are looking for ways to grow their personal wealth, without having to wait around for the slow accumulation of interest and dividends from high yield savings accounts, money market funds, and certificates of deposit. Investing in the stock market is one of the best ways to make your money work harder and grow long term wealth for yourself and your family. Of course, you have to be willing to risk your money on the public markets in the first place, and it’s important that you conduct a fair amount of stock market research before you make a purchase.


It’s likely that the idea of conducting some stock market research has already occurred to you, as it only makes sense that you would investigate the financial stability of a company before you turned over your money to their uses. However, many people don’t really know how to go about researching a stock to see if it is worth their time and money, and they’re also reluctant to invest a lot of time in the research process if they don’t really know what they’re doing. There are some easy ways to investigate a stock without having to make a three-month research process out of it.


One of the simplest recommendations for stock market research, is to narrow the field of possibilities to those stocks that you know or the companies that you think have a really strong product offering. If you love their product and think that it represents the future of their industry, it’s likely that many other people will also recognize the same things, and purchase it as well. This combination of potential for demand and development makes a company a solid choice for your cautious investment.


When conducting your stock market research, it’s also important to keep in mind that not every company that demonstrates a lot of potential also demonstrates a lot of potential for you to make money. Profit is the whole reason for getting involved with the stock market in the first place, and if you unknowingly pay too much for a stock that is very popular, you might find it is a long time before you can hope to see dividends, or resell the stock for a profit. It’s important that you use techniques like technical analysis and market evaluation to determine whether the market is currently under or overvalued. This will prevent you from making mistakes that could be costly.


For more details you can consult with the experts at C.L. King & Associates. C.L. King’s Equities division provides superior fundamental research, sales and execution services to our institutional clientele. We identify opportunities for superior investment returns by discovering overlooked and under-followed small- to mid-capitalization stocks within select industry sectors, while providing differentiated and comprehensive intelligence.

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