Jul 10 2018

Tired of Small Returns? Try Overseas Banking

Free offshore banking is not a new concept. However, the main idea is to entice foreign investors to deposit their money in an offshore bank. This works well for both the offshore bank and the investor. The offshore bank gets more funds to put in its holdings and the investor gets to take advantage of the many benefits of offshore banking. The benefits of a free offshore bank account can be higher returns, more safety and protection with their transactions, and access to many foreign investment options. Therefore, this can be a very nice option for investors to use overseas banking.

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With this said, an individual investor should exercise due diligence when looking at an offshore banks promising free offshore banking. Ideally, one should determine if they are trying to make up this cost in some other way like other “maintenance fees” or whether this is a result of a bank in an unstable jurisdiction. This instability could be either political or financial. For this reason, you should take your time reading the fine print for such offers and use the advice of experienced offshore financial advisors to find out whether the bank is offering you a good deal for your money and your investments. Many times these financial advisors can be found by doing a simple search on the Internet. In an advisor, you are looking for experience in overseas banking that spans several different jurisdictions and also a slew of satisfied clients. A good financial advisor is a great aid in finding the better offshore banks offering free offshore banking.


In addition, some people find that paying a small amount to start an account works better than using a free offshore bank account. However, opinions vary on this topic. Regardless of which bank you choose, the best advice is to do your due diligence to find the best one for your investing strategy.


Free Offshore Banking can be a great enticement for many investors. With all the benefits that overseas banking offers, we strongly recommend you look into them further regardless of whether you choose to go with a free offshore bank account or to pay a nominal fee.


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