Aug 30 2018

Raise Your Company’s PR Profile to Maximize Market Valuation

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Technology Public relations is not just about getting products in the media. It is the key to engineering the perception that your company is a leader, an innovator, a market disruptor.


Good PR provides a powerful way to giving investors evidence of added intrinsic value that goes well beyond your balance sheet or forecasted future earnings.


And because large companies are often “strategic buyers,” the best possible impression of a business must be engineered to create maximum market impact, maximum desirability and the highest possible market value.


Raise Your Company’s Public Profile to Maximize Market Valuation


Understanding that market perception is a crucial corporate asset has begun to take hold among savvy executives.

Raise your company’s public profile


Strong, positive publicity adds value beyond just exposure within your trade customer audience. It concludes with the final advice on maximizing market valuation:


Invest in a reputable PR firm to make sure your company gets noticed.

Reputation & Brand Image Count – Don’t Overlook Your Intangible Assets


While the value of a reputation is less tangible than property, revenue or cash, more experts are arguing it is possible not only to quantify it but even to predict how image changes through PR will improve a company’s share price or M&A market value. Research conducted by the International Association of Business Communicators found a strong link between a company’s ability to leverage its internal and external communications – an intangible asset on the balance sheet – with a favorable market valuation, saying, “Wall Street is now more interested than ever in the value of intangibles,” like brand perception.


Every company should spend as much energy engineering the market’s perception about them as they do engineering their products – every percentage point in increased perceived value will pay back those PR efforts handsomely.


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