May 27 2017

Investment Strategies by CL King – A Good Plan Earns Wealth!

The cornerstone for a successful portfolio lays in appropriate strategies that detail your plan with clear blueprints of the goals to be achieved. Though all the traders come to investing world with a view to earn profits, however, the paths to reach the goals are different. Choosing the right path and making timely decisions during that path is what the game is all about. It is important to design such a plan that gives detailed asset allocation that serves to effective diversification focusing on:

  1. Reward objectives
  2. Reduction of portfolio risk


Any investment strategy must be well planned and focussed. Whatever strategy you form to trade in stocks, but always make sure that they are worth making and contribute to the rewarded objective. Along with that a strategy that minimizes risks is the best to achieve the goal.


The investment strategies must eliminate the following pitfalls caused by:

  1. Haphazard fund selection
  2. Illogical strategy
  3. Over-weighted categories
  4. Duplication
  5. Unsuitable funds
  6. Unbalanced portfolio


In whatever stage you are and whatever conditions you face, never follow the decisions make when you are panic. There are certain times when it seems to overcome the losses, however, take advices from the stock broker and evaluate it before implementation. Also, a balanced portfolio have a better tendency to face losses, hence, balancing the investments is the prevention of heavy losses.


A 3-step process to tailor the effective plan that is suitable to your goals and have specific risk tolerance can be stated as:


1. Define investment objectives: for stating a good investment strategy, the utmost important thing to do is to define investment objectives. In accordance to these objectives then the investment plan is laid. For those whose objective is to earn quick profits, day trading serves the purpose, however, those who wish to stay in stock market for long a mix of both, short-term and long-term serves better.


2. Detailed allocation by fund category: in other words maintain a balanced portfolio. Make sure that the funds are allocated to different companies with proper logical reasons. A company with a positive growth rate must be invested in rather the company that is giving returns but posses a negative growth rate. This company is likely to prove a liability for the shareholder in the near future. Also, make sure that the designed portfolio posses’ great endurance to bear losses. A risk management must be devised in every portfolio to avoid heavy losses.


3. Deal with high-ranked shares: above average performance and below average expenses shares must be devised in portfolio. Low-ranked shares don’t have much endurance to market bears, hence, deal with high-ranked shares. These not only assure better returns but also have tendency to bear the lows of stock market.


C.L. King & Associates provide investment banking, equity research, sales and trading, and investor services to corporations and institutions.

C.L. King’s Equities division provides superior fundamental research, sales and execution services to our institutional clientele. Our professionals embody an entrepreneurial drive for excellence as well as a commitment to work with our clients to help them achieve and exceed their investment objectives. We put our customers first as we respond to their needs for integrity, independent thinking, in-depth stock analysis and best execution.

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